“The radiance of the Sun Goddess filled the Universe, and all the deities rejoiced.”  -RECORDS OF JAPAN, 8TH CENTURY C.E.

Japanese Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, was once so depressed and frustrated that She HID OUT IN A CAVE, never intending to rejoin the world. When chaos broke out, the greyed land stop yielding crops and the people spend all of their days hungry in the dark. Then one day they went to the cave and begged and begged for Her reemergence. Eventually, a wise one, held a MIRROR UP TO the entrance of the CAVE. Amaterasu curious at this beautiful light, drew closer and closer until She realized that THE WORLD NEEDED HER LIGHT, promising to never leave them again.

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Amaterasu’s TEMPLE in Ise Naiku has over 5 MILLION visiting devotees a year, it was build in 3 BCE and houses that pertinent mirror, reminding thousands of visitors of the Sun Goddess’ power and importance. On December 22 is the Tohji-Taisai, a Shinto rite at the temple honoring Her, according to This same temple is completely REBUILT EVERY 20 YEARS to keep it renewed with fresh energy.

Amaterasu (Who’s name means “The great Goddess who shines in the heaven”) is the reason Japan is called “The LAND OF THE RISING SUN”. She is the red circle on the white rectangle in the middle of their flag. She is where the Japanese tradition of “BOWING and making offerings to Her each morning as She rises.” -Hallie Iglehart Austen in her “The Heart of the Goddess”, as Japanese people continue to bow in respect to others. 

Shintoism is the INDIGINEOUS RELIGION of Japan, Japanese royals were Her direct descendants, WWII brought in Buddhism.  (Christianity never fared well in Japan because they all considered themselves descendants of the Divine.)

Amaterasu’s temples and devotees are tended to by unmarried Priestesses born of afluentional families. “The Goddess’ presence and high stature within the kami system could suggest that EARLY RULERS IN JAPAN WERE FEMALE.” -Wikipedia. Others have argued the Goddess’ presence implies the strong influences the female priests had in Japanese politics and religion.”  Japanese respect for Nature, the Arts and each other stems from this NURTURING MATRIARCHY.

Most ancient cultures WORSHIPPED THE SUN. Beyond providing photosynthesis for food growth, the sun has many healing abilities: exposure to sunlight lowers blood pressure, kills bacteria, builds your immune system, is the primary source of Vitamin D and can relieve depression. Some say sunlight refills one’s aura, sun gazing can purify the pineal gland.

As Merlin Stone so eloquently concluded: “But most remember the mighty Amaterasu as SHE WHO SHINES on the Land of the Rising Sun, Divine Ancestress from whom all rulers were born, She Who’s mirror now rests in sacred wrappings in the holy place of Ise, She who won not by confrontation but retreat, She Who still shines from the Highest Plain of Heaven.”

Joining the Goddess Project again is our beautiful and beaming, Martha, whom you might remember portrayed Tara: and is now the cover model for the newly released: “Goddess Project: Made in Her Image Journal Journey”! Our powerful and poised model Martha was born in Tokyo but grew up in Fort Worth. There she extensively studied dance and also became a professional musical theatre actress, choreographer and instructor. At age 53, Martha is still teaching Pilates and yoga, she is training to become an aerialist yogini! She is the proud mother of three children, two of whom are a part of the LGBTQ community.

Bless you Martha for embodied Amaterasu with Glory and Grace!!

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Amaterasu Ritual


To be performed in the full moon phase on a SUNday, preferably at night.

Use 13 candles, all yellow/gold and one white/silver candle (Spirit). Anoint all candles in Goddess oil, Sandalwood incense. Symbols on the altar: Necklace, yellow altar cloth, anything Japanese or representing the sun, jewels, rice, wheat, kimono, silks, sword, mirror (do not need to use all)Open circle calling in all the elements and then calling in Amaterasu as spirit.

Amaterasu, shine your light on us. Fill all the darkness with your love and light.  
Renew our Earth and heal us all who dwelleth upon. 
Shed light on those caught in the maze and may all truth be seen as it is. 
Bless our crops; remove disease, deceit, greed and hate. 
Amaterasu, you hold the light to shine the way. 
We thank for all you’ve given to this day.

Amaterasu, our thanks is great. You are the light, you are the way. 
Where beauty dwells, it’s where you shine. 
You are the source of all that is life. 
May you forever shine on us so bright, 
and awaken us the stars that we truly are.

So may it be! Ground. Self blessing. Close the circle.

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