I grew up Methodist-light, we only went to church a couple of times a month. Then later, with school friends, I went to a Baptist church. I think even if I’d never gone to church, I was so saturated by society to think that GOD WAS A MAN.

Fast forward to my early twenties, I found myself living in a dark, cold basement and I was depressed over the recent passing of my sweet stepmom. That’s when “something” suddenly told me to go to a library. New in town, I went and asked my landlord if he knew where a library was (this was in the days before internet!) When I got to the library “something” told me to look up SYLVIA BROWNE’s books. I’d never heard of her, didn’t have a TV at the time and so I did. And I began to read and read..

The next day, halfway into her book: “The Other Side and Back” I read something about GOD BEING A WOMAN!!! What!? I think I yelled out: “DEVIL!” and threw the book across the room.

I picked that book back up the following day and never put it back down. I’ve been a Goddess Cheerleader ever since, there is so much we’ve been kept ignorant of. Especially about Her. (I would later also learn that HELL DIDN’T EVEN EXIST, it was created by the church but that’s a whole other article.)

So, who is Mother Azna? According to Sylvia Browne, “AZNA” is what they call Mother God in HEAVEN. She obviously has had many, MANY (over 10,000) names here on Earth.

Sylvia Browne had channeled that Mother Azna can be found in Heaven or “the Other Side” hanging out in the Rose Garden and She wields a shiny silver sword that cuts through all negativity. You can call upon Azna whenever you are in need.

I don’t necessarily think Azna looks like me, but if we are “MADE IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD” then maybe I can look like Her on my best day. 😉

For more on the GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her Image, see FREE SOPHIA Facebook page or Also find the other Goddess Projects: Made in Her Image at: Special thanks to David Clanton for photography & editing magic.


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