The fact is is that GAY PEOPLE are advanced souls. They are better than everyone else. I stop myself once a week from making “Gay people are better than other people.” my Facebook status. Gay and LGBT people, and all other minorities or people with disabilities, came to this world with a HUGE DIVINE LIFE MISSION to educate and spread compassion. Gay people are kind, gentle, loving, creative and compassionate because they’ve had so much rejection, fear and heartache in their OWN lives and now they naturally nurture and protect.

Homosexuals are also all-inclusive, they accept everyone! (Although, sadly sometimes, not themselves.) Even the acronym “LGBT” includes everyone. I think that it’s so nice that LGBT stands for: LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL and TRANSGENDER. “Lesbian” because they are strong and need their own letter. “Gay” I guess referring to gay males, even though many lesbian women refer to themselves as “Gay”. And I like that “Gay” & “Lesbian” go together because the only thing they really have in common is that they both prefer partners of their OWN SEX. “Bisexual” is put in there, but some studies show that EVERYBODY IS A LITTLE BIT BISEXUAL. Bisexual people are EVERYWHERE, YOU might even be bisexual. And finally “Transgender” citizens are grouped in there and accepted but most transgender people are NOT gay. They were just born into the wrong body but they are loving and accepting to be grouped in with gays, lesbians and bisexuals for whatever reason. They’ve recently removed the “Q” from this abbreviation, which I never understood. The word “QUEER” original meant “strange” or “peculiar”, it became a nonconformist title for anyone that didn’t fit the norm. But DOES ANYONE FIT THE “NORM”? Therefore, we’re ALL included in the acronym LGBT.

They even get the rainbow flag (they might as well take the unicorn as their mascot!), the RAINBOW, THE GREAT SYMBOL OF OUR CONNECTION TO HEAVEN! I don’t think that that’s any accident either, I think angels and everybody on the Other Side (Heaven) are TOTALLY waving rainbow flags for all of these champions that have chosen to be born homosexual.

Gay people are better than hetero people, because they’re more fun and they appreciate beauty. There must be some liberating freedom from being homosexual. They are more creative, more eloquent and quick witted because their souls have spent lifetimes correcting and exploring and now they’ve come here one last time and put it all together in one fabulous package.

Jesus knew this, he (probably bisexual!) had gay friends and even officiated a marriage ceremony for two homosexual saints. Some ancient civilizations would ONLY choose GAY SPIRITUAL LEADERS because they are perfectly balanced.

Many hetero females love being around gay males because THEY MAKE US FEEL SAFE and appreciated. In this oppressive patriarchal society, where women are not the opposing team; they are the ball (from the quote by Anita Sarkeesian)- there is something about the deep understanding of the gay male. It’s Goddess worship, finally, and that is why the greatest thing a woman can do for her self-esteem is to spend time with homosexual man.

I’ve never had more fun in my life than dancing with my friends on the dance floor of a gay club, that is heaven on earth. We’re all mourning the Orlando tragedy and a lot of people, especially in the LGBT are frightened now but I hope you can rise back up. The advanced souls that lost their lives that night, did it to teach the world about love and acceptance. On some level of consciousness, they KNEW AND WERE BRAVE enough to do that to help the world change and heal. ALL OF THOSE SWEET SOULS are happy and healthy on the Other Side now, they did their great deed and felt no pain. There is no pain in death. So, in honor of them, we have to rise up and dance again! Get back on the chat rooms and go back to the gay bars and clubs and have fun. Celebrate being gay, even if you’re just lucky enough to have a gay friend! Celebrate that things ARE changing and we ARE moving forward and GAY MARRIAGE IS NOW LEGAL! Gay men, lesbians and transgender people are the REAL ROCKSTARS OF THE WORLD. They’re the ones we should be following.



  1. Anonymous

    Thank you, Colette, for this amazing, eloquent post! You expressed many of my feelings so powerfully. You are an advanced, beautiful soul!



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