Introducing: THE GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her Image

Introducing: THE GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her Image

The Goddess Sige

THE GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her Image is a new photography project intending to hopefully EMPOWER WOMEN by reminding them of their Divinity. The idea is that WE WERE ALL: “Made in the Image and Likeness of God”, Genesis 1:27. In this project we are giving the Divine Feminine a living human face, not just an ancient painting, drawing or sculpture to reference. There have been over 10,000 female deities celebrated on every continent (and in EVERY Holy text) throughout time. The knowledge (Wisdom) of a Female face for God has only recently (within the past 2,000 years) been purposely squelched by greedy men in power. One psychologists said that the PEOPLE who look like what you THINK God looks like- will be revered. And this is how the female sex has become the insignificant as well as everything Feminine, including Mother Earth as well as the arts.

We are attempting to FREE SOPHIA by having real women (of every age, ethnicity, background, cultural status, body shape, etc.) model for the project, giving a visual tribute to EVERY WOMAN’S HOLINESS, hopefully creating a ripple effect for females/feminine/all gender identifications to be upheld with the utmost respect.


I first heard about the Goddess Sige from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Oracle Cards. Sige is the Gnostic Goddess of Silence who gave birth to Sophia (Holy Wisdom). I have always felt a connection to Sige because I too gave birth to Sophia, my daughter, once.

My Sophia was our first child, she was stillborn when I was 39 weeks pregnant. I never heard HER VOICE, however I gained so much Wisdom in those hours after I gave birth to her- holding her in the dark silence, speechlessly begging for her to breathe. She never did and everyday since my Wisdom has grown a little more.

In the photo Sige is wearing a little silver ring on her pinky finger, this in honor of and representing my daughter and the Goddess Sophia (Sophia is a Feminine word in Greek meaning Wisdom found in the Bible). The ring is shaped like a rose, the sacred regal symbol of the Divine Feminine in the West.

Sige is the silent darkness in the universe, like the womb, where all is created. HOW POWERFUL SILENCE IS. In the womblike black quiet is where all Wisdom (and life) is nurtured. When is the last time you found yourself in an absolute still hushed void? Was it in meditation, did you go within? Like the black Earth where all plants grow, have you ever found quiet under ground or in a cave? See if you can find some sacred silent time and see what you can give birth to!

One of many ancient Christian texts found in Nag Hammadi in 1945 (via Wikipedia)

More photos from the “Sige” photo shoot appear in the music video: “What Wondrous Thing” at: or Photography and digital effects by David Clanton,

More on Sige found at Nag Hammadi (Wiki)

For more of The Goddess Project: Made in Her Image see our FREE SOPHIA facebook page or on

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