Long before Beyoncé made the yellow-clad Goddess, Oshun, pop culture, She was the Nigerian Goddess of love, fertility, lakes, rivers and streams (sweet water.)

“Oshun is brass and parrot

feathers in a velvet skin.

Oshun is white cowrie

shells on black buttocks.

Her eyes sparkle in the forest,

like sun on the river.

She is the wisdom of the forest

She is the wisdom of the river.

Where doctors fail,

she cures with fresh water.

Where medicine fails,

she cures with fresh water.

She feeds the barren woman

with honey, and her dry body

swells up like a juicy coconut.

Oh, how sweet, how sweet

is the touch of a child’s hand.”

-Yoruban chant to Oshun

Like Her sister, Yemaya (https://plus.google.com/107287050579003737566/posts/bmHzovZfxd3) many of Her African children were stolen by the transatlantic slave trade and She went with them to their new homes in North America, Central America and even Brazil.

In Cuba, Oshun is known as Our Lady of El Cobre (Charity). SEE BELOW PHOTO. She is said to wear yellow and like gold, amber and honey. Anytime you say: “I WISH”, it is said to summon Her, especially, if you wish 5 nights in a row.

Also, the Goddess of Women’s Rights, OSHUN ONCE MADE ALL WOMEN BARREN because the male Orishas didn’t invite Her to a meeting. This created such HAVOC ON THE WORLD that the male gods came to Her bearing gifts of bronze, gold then finally HONEY, realizing the world could not function without women and children. “Oshun teaches us that the world will be in disorder as long as women and children are disrespected, neglected and abused.” –orderwhitemoon.org. It is said “Oshun gathered the women to protested the blatant disrespect by forming Iyami Aje, a band of women endowed with special power.” -Wikipedia. Because ONLY WOMEN and the DIVINE have the POWER TO CREATE LIFE.

“Oshun, I bow to you!

You are very rich,

digging in the sand

To hide money there.

Oshun, I bow to you!

You are very beautiful,

with your coral hair combs

and your cast-copper jewelry.

Oshun, I bow to you!

You are very powerful.

You have seized the crown.

Look at you, dancing with it!”

-African chant to Oshun

Like, Oshun, our model (see her also as Pele and Isis) is one of the sweetest, kindest, it’s generous entities you’ll ever meet. For more of Ronda, see her again as Isis https://plus.google.com/107287050579003737566/posts/aVRWfU9QSbk or Pele https://plus.google.com/107287050579003737566/posts/84okfKw3dhK

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