Pele’s volcanic lava glows
In the evening’s twilight hour.
A passion filled desire,
Surging with Her power.
She triumphs over man
As She adds unto the land.
Apathetic, She reaches out to claim,
Those who dare to touch Her hand.
Gracefully She moves as quietly She creeps,
On Her burning path toward the sea.
Wanting, all She covers She keeps….
Pele’s steamy kisses She saves for the sea.
Sorrow has followed Pele
All throughout Her years.
She leaves behind Her sadness
In Her tiny ebony tears.
Her majesty and wonder
Leave me breathless in Her sight.
I am drawn toward Her beauty,
And consumed by Her delight!
Connie Marcum

Pele is once again showing Her relevance and power as She became active again in Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii at the end of 2020. And even in this first week of January, She is active as a lava lake has formed within the volcano’s crater that was previously full of water, according to This new activity comes after a VERY distructive time of eruptions from the volcano in 2018 that covered miles and miles of Hawaiian land with lava, leaving only burning ash behind creating new land along the shorelines.

At a time when global unrest has surfaced due to a pandemic, racism, scarcity and misogyny, Mother Nature is proving Her power and Her modern relevance. We can’t help but bow in awe of Her magnificence and at the same time, we know that it IS imbalanced due to Her DELETION causing all inequality and unnatural disease on the planet.

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, you have probably heard about the FIERY VOLCANO AND LIGHTENING Goddess, PELE. Every little dashboard HULA GIRL STATUE is an homage to Pele’s little sister, Hi’iaka, whether or not the sculptor nor driver know this. Pele carried Her dear, baby sister (Hi’iaka invented the hula & hula dances are in Her honor!) in an egg when the Fire Goddess was banished from Her homeland and set out to find a new home, in HAWAII.

It is said that Madame Pele resides in MOUNT KILAUEA, one of the MOST ACTIVE VOLCANOS ON EARTH, on the big island of Hawaii. Because of the volcanos size and the local residences’ life depending on keeping Her at peace, Hawaiian islanders can’t help but believe and give offerings to Her.
PELE SIGHTINGS have been reported all over the Hawaiian Islands (and all over the world) for hundreds of years, especially near Mount Kilauea. Some have said She appears, young and beautiful, with a white dog or sometimes as a very fragile old beggar woman. She typically tests people, in her beggar appearances, by asking for food or water. Those that share with Her are rewarded but those that are greedy are punished.
Books have been written and there are even websites about the “Pele’s Curse” that She spells on anyone that STEALS FROM HER SACRED HOME.  One website even shares how to mail back lava rock that people took as souvenirs that gave them very bad luck once they got home, to restore their peace. (

Our marvelously molten model, Ronda, says it felt GREAT “being Pele”. As a Pisces from Long Beach, California, and therefore, she says “everything island” speaks to her. Like Pele, Ronda is deeply passionate and goes after anything she sets her mind too. Once a powerful attorney and glamourous yogini, Ronda now devotes most of her Sacred Feminine energy to mothering her THREE LITTLE BOYS (!) with the support of her consort husband. Ever the loyal and loving friend, Ronda, is ever as much a Goddess as anyone on Earth.  Sometimes she TOO appears with a little white dog…

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