Quan Yin THE GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her Image


If I were adrift

upon the ocean

with demons and dragons all around,

I would think of sweet Quan Yin

and the hungry waters would subside. -ancient chant to Quan Yin

In a time when militant efforts to separate countries have lead to inhumane caging of families with children frightfully being separated from their parents, it’s hard to look at our Quan Yin model without a tender heart and not want to help.  If only by prayer.

Quan Yin is the Buddhist Goddess (Bodhisattva) of MERCY and COMPASSION. She is called “She who hears the suffering of the world”. It is said She refuses to attain full ENLIGHTENMENT until all of the people of the world no longer suffer.  

“She bears a vase, in which are stored the waters of compassion, known as the ‘sweet dew.'” -Patricia Monaghan, The Goddess Path.There are many legends of Quan Yin as She has been honored for over 10,000 years (!) and exponentially more believers have had apparitions of Her and therefore expressed it in art.  She has had 33 (wo)manifestations and many names in many countries. Some say She is also the VIRGIN MARY as well as the Hindu Goddess, TARA, as there are many similarities. 

Chanting OM MANI PADME HUM or even just saying Her name over and over has CREATED MIRACLES. 
Quan Yin is a personification of Compassion.  Merriam Webster defines COMPASSION as:  “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress with a desire to ALLEVIATE it.”  Compassion is ACTIVE and involves a motivated means of lifting the load or burden off of the inflicted; it is DOING SOMETHING TO HELP. Quan Yin reminds us that it is our duty as sisters and brothers on this planet to constantly be looking for ways to ease others’ distress.

Quan Yin followers “ate no flesh and lived entirely without doing violence to other beings” as an observance of Her own testimony of peace and mercy.  Perhaps the sudden influx of VEGANISM worldwide (in what otherwise seems like a violent world) is a major sign that SHE IS WITHIN US and is RISING.
If everyone remembered to harm nothing in anyway, above all else, how happy the world would be.

Sister models at Anatole Dallas’ Quan Yin

Harmony in Polka Dots

Our sweet little Quan Yin model is the 6 year old Harmony, who just returned from Vietnam where she studied at a Mandarin school for the 4th Summer. 

Harmony has actually visited the Quan Yin temples with her sister (who portrays Kuan Yin in the project: http://freesophia.com/kuan-yin-the-goddess-projectmade-in-her-image/.)  Playful and kind, Harmony, said that she liked dressing up as Quan Yin; that it made her feel peaceful and comfortable.  Royalty runs in their family as her Quan Yin crown includes her mother’s high school Homecoming Queen crown. 

Thank you, Harmony and family for bringing more harmony to the planet!!!

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Author receiving the gift of Compassion

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