“If you want, then start to laugh

If you must, then start to cry

Be yourself don’t hide

Just believe in destiny.

Don’t care what people say

Just follow your own way

Don’t give up and use the chance

To return to innocence.”

-from the song “Return to Innocence” by Enigma

What if there was a world ruled by kindness and decency? There were no wars and everyone was taken care of and important. What if we followed the moon and sun in our decisions and emotions? What if we were completely in tune with and nurtured by nature. We would be happy and relaxed and fulfilled and would celebrate regularly with our community. Could we discover and embrace customs and traditions of moral values of which memories remain in our hearts as hope? This hope is what the Goddess Astraea represents.

Our glorious model, Lizbet’s beauty is in her kind gentleness and it radiates outward from there. Born in Namibia in Southern Africa, Lizbet grew up in a musical family in the states. She met her equally gorgeous African American husband in a band (she plays violin and piano.) They lived the first few years of their marriage teaching English in Japan. Maybe Lizbet’s experience in different cultures has helped cultivate her compassion and understanding of Astraea. This is what Lizbet says of the Goddess she portrays:

“Astraea, known as the “Star Maiden” or “Star Goddess” was the last immortal to live on Earth with the humans. At that point, all of the other [deities] were so disgusted by the brutality and wickedness of the humans, they’d removed themselves completely from the mortal realm. I’d like to believe that Astraea held out as long as possible, hoping in the goodness She knew humans are capable of. When She left, humankind was doomed to their own devices. She is often depicted with wings, scales of justice (seen in the constellation Libra), or lightning bolts (many believe Astraea is the daughter of the Goddess Themis and Zeus.) Because of these, many believe She is the one portrayed on the Justice card in the major arcana of the tarot. Astraea is also often seen as the constellation Virgo after She left earth so She can sit in view of Her beloved earth.

Once humans realized that with Astraea went their Golden Age, they hoped for Her to return and bring the glory days back with Her in the same way Christians look for the return of Christ.

Her nature is related to the idea of renaissance and cultural renewal. She sees the beauty and love in the world, and strives to bring it forth. Mortal women can channel Her by doing the same.”

Lizbet and her husband are the band “The Last City” in Dallas where they both teach music and inspire people. Thank you so much for your strength, grace and talent on the lyre (and with technology!), what a courageous contribution to the Goddess Project!

Thanks to the Dallas School of Burlesque & Drag for letting us Goddess-out in their space.

Thanks as always to David Clanton (of for your photographic and computer graphic wizardry!

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Blessed be.


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  1. Anonymous

    Yes, She will lead to a world of kindness and justice. Thank you for this inspiring, important post!



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