White Buffalo Calf Woman

GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her Image

I was pregnant at the same time as Buffalo Woman with my oldest son. Buffalo Woman is the mother buffalo of the SACRED WHITE BUFFALO CALF, Lightning Medicine Cloud who was born that May during a lightning storm an hour North of Dallas. A few months later, they would hold a NAMING CEREMONY for this precious calf of which 2,000 people came to HONOR him including Elders and WISE PEOPLE OF MANY TRIBES to check the markings of this holy, prophesied white calf. Being the hottest summer in Dallas’ history and me being nervously pregnant, I was unable to go. Months went by and I had my healthy baby, but however and for whatever reason, Lightning Medicine Cloud and his mother, Buffalo Woman were taken from this Earth.

2,000 years earlier, two hunting warriors were confronted by the Goddess of Peace, WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN. She appeared out of the fog, first as a white buffalo but as she got closer, a beautiful woman. One of the warriors immediately enamored, approached Her inappropriately, and he was instantly killed. The other respectfully bowed down and began to pray to Her. She told him to take Her to meet the Wise people of his Lakota tribe and he did.

She taught the tribe 7 SACRED CEREMONIES (including sweat lodges and marriage ceremonies) and gave them Her peace pipe and sacred bundle. She taught them how to pray and how to WALK AS LIVING PRAYERS. Before She vanished into a cloud, She prophesied of their hard times in years ahead. White Buffalo Calf Woman told the tribe that She promised to return and restore the PEACE AND UNITY between the black, red, yellow and white races on Earth and that one of the signs of Her return, would be the birth of a WHITE BUFFALO CALF.

Our exquisite model, Sandee, said she was honored to be asked to represent White Buffalo Calf Woman. Born to a Korean mother and Hispanic father who’s ancestors lived in Texas when it was still part of Mexico. Her father once told me that her heart was bigger than her head, and I know this is true. She is fiercely local and creative, the ideal wife, mother and friend. Sandee is brave, kind and powerful and with White Buffalo Calf Woman she is helping to restore peace on Earth.

They are coming to see this!

I am making this place sacred.

They are coming to see this!

White Buffalo Calf Woman will come.

They are coming to see this!

She will sit in a sacred manner.

They are coming to see this!

They are coming to see this!

-Lakota song for womanhood ritual


Thank you again, David Clanton, for the photography and computer graphic magic. http://davidclanton.com

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