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I can still hear the bass guitar line pounding out Her theme music (doo doo doo doo doodoodoo) and my heart swells at the thought of the TV Goddess, Linda Carter, doing that helicopter spin with her arms spread wide. Knowing that She was me, at 5 years old I too would spin around whilst wearing my Wonder Woman Underoos. As an adult I will buy ANY article of clothing with Her emblem on it and rock my copper cuff bracelet on days that I need a little extra confidence. Wonder Woman will always remind the little girl inside of all of us of our strength, power, beauty and ability to help ANYone in need. 

For 76 years, She has been inspiring us. And after all of that time, the world is still glowing from our gift of seeing our SHE-RO on the big screen. 

Wonder Woman was first created as the Amazonian comic book Goddess and became a covergirl (Gloria Steinem put Her on the cover of the 2nd edition of Ms. magazine in 1971), TV star, cartoon (Justice League) and now blockbuster phenomenon. No matter where you were first made aware of Wonder Woman, She probably struck a chord with you, no matter your gender identity. Wonder Woman gives little girls and women, not only something to look up to, but someone who looked like them and acted out the way they all felt on the inside. And therefore little boys and men see a female superhero with a purpose, like the mothers and wives they respect.

Linda Carter, who portrayed Wonder Woman for the 1970’s television series, has since become an activist. She has said of her legendary role: “When I got Wonder Woman I made a couple of decisions. The first one was that I wanted to discover who she was, not what her powers were, not what the storyline was.. but really who she is. And in reading all the research and how they came up with the character way back in the ’40’s, it was to give GIRLS THEIR OWN HERO.. She came from an island where all the women could do the same things, and she had to compete against her sisters.. so it was her will in going against her mother which we can all identify with when you’re a teenager or whatever, not wanting to do what your mom wants you to do necessarily. So it gave me the idea that she was a REAL FORCE and that she had her own ideas about things, and she didn’t think that she was all that. She just really SAW A NEED like so many WOMEN DO and I’ve discovered that the archetype of Wonder Woman really lives in all of us. SHE HAS THE GODDESS WITHIN. IT’S WHO WE REALLY ARE. That secret self that yearns to be out and that we hope is appreciated and even if it isn’t we still do what do.”

Gal Gadot, who portrays Wonder Woman in the film agreed: “Wonder Woman, she’s amazing. I love everything that she represents and everything that she stands for. She’s all about love and compassion and truth and justice and equality, and she’s a whole lot of woman.” 

In her book, BECOMING A (WONDER) WOMAN, J. LENORE Wright writes that “The real job for Wonder Woman and her fans is to bring Amazonia to America by breaking down the barriers that impede women’s advancement in the public sphere.”

We all celebrated Wonder Woman’s first film release, as though it were a huge step for humankind. Robin Wright, in the film playing Wonder Woman’s (Diana Prince’s) aunt, tells Her: ” YOU ARE STRONGER THAN THAT.” We should continually be telling each other that! Sounds like the return (and staying power) of Wonder Woman is telling us to rise up and BE WHO WE REALLY ARE.

Passionately portraying our Goddess Project’s Wonder Woman is Patricia, who at 24 has as much compassion and Wisdom as our most advanced Goddesses. Freshly vegan, Patricia is fiercely protective of the innocent and quick-wittedly warm with a charming Louisiana drawl. Obviously strong and beautiful, our (super) model is a mathematical genius, working as an accountant for one of the world’s top banking firms. (Or is that just her cover?)

Thank you, Patricia!

And thanks again to David Clanton for his photography and computer wizardry, http://davidclanton.com

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  1. Anonymous

    WONDERful, inspiring article and photo! You did a super job of weaving your story with HER history and quotes from Linda Carter, Gal Gadot, and J. Lenore Wright! This is a fabulous post!


  2. Anonymous

    This is so beautiful! I loved Wonder Woman when I was a child and wanted to be like her. So glad she had come back with a bang!



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