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Church Hopping Adventure #9

Unity of Dallas

I suggested we visit Unity on Forest Lane because I had been there once before and I thought it being full of “New Age” thinkers, it might at least have inclusive language. That’s not true, I had been there TWICE before- the first time was for my first Energy Empath training, we met down in one of the children’s classrooms. And somehow, I’d gotten on the Unity email list and for a Mother’s Day, the sermon was supposed to be on the Divine Feminine. So, of COURSE, pregnant me was there with bells on and escorted by my 2 year-old son. I remember being VERY excited that a church was actually going to discuss the Goddess on Mother’s Day! It was going to be my gift to myself (husband had to work that day..) but I was greatly disappointed.

During that first visit, the very hospitable homosexual Unity greeter had sat with me during that service. He told me how that they had just gotten an new married, minister team because they had fired the former minister. (She had, evidently worn high heels to give a sermon. Oh, the horror! 😉 ) And on that Sunday, the wife was leading the sermon. But to my dismay, she kind of just danced around the “divine feminine”. Made her sound like more of a philosophy than Our Mother.

But yesterday, I was optimistic, and we went back to Unity.

We first took the boys down to the lower level where Children’s Church was held. These are large bright rooms filled with natural light and colorful murals but my kids were the first there and we were only five minutes early! (Eventually, I counted a grand total of 6 children in attendance.) This reminded me of the Cathedral of Hope’s fantastic yet empty children’s area. Kinda gave me a hint that something had changed since these churches were built.

So, up we went to the parish hall with our lei’s (it was Aloha day) and programs.

My jaw almost dropped when we walked in, this huge, stunning amphitheater that could probably hold 500+, looked almost empty. I later counted 97 people, including the band (of 3) and choir (4). Only 8 of the parishioners were non-Anglo and only 28 were male. The average age I would guess was 60. These low attendance numbers could be because this congregation was yet again looking for a new minister. Today was a guest speaker and it looked like they had guest minersterial speakers for the next 7 weeks, at least. With a Cheshire Cat grin, I think to myself : “I know what they’re really looking for.”

On stage when we walked in were 20 or so of their teen department wearing Plano Balloon Festival T-shirts and discussing how they had been out there assisting and giving out water, the day before. They seemed happy and peaceful and inspired. They all enthusiasticly read along (or already knew) the opening mission statements about Unity.

In one of those opening read-along statements they called God: “Father-Mother” which I felt like was my little alms for the day. Everything was closed with: “Amen” and songs sang of “Our Father” and His “Kingdom”.

There was even an opening quote about when Jesus said to “Love one another as thyself”, that went along with their weekly affirmation of self-care. This I loved, and it made me want to take great care of and build the strongest body temple that I could.

When Nancy Little hit the stage, she started in with a velvety voice to lead us through a meditation visualization. It was lovely, but counting people was all I could do to stay awake at this point.

Mrs. Little, had studied awhile in Hawaii and her lecture was on Aloha. She began by mentioning a friend of hers who had recently “transitioned”, I thought that was a glorious way to say “died”. And after that she showed us a slideshow of quotes (mostly by Rumi and some by former Unity ministers) about spreading love, peace and gratitude. No disrespect to this fine lady, but I get the same sermon scrolling down my facebook newsfeed for five minutes. (My brother even admitted that he could have done that!)

Then there was a song or two, they took offering and that was it. I left, sadly, empty. We all want enthusiasm. Even the word “enthusiasm”ccomes from the Latin for to be filled with the Divine.

Maybe because She wasn’t there, this architecturally gorgeous and capable building was mostly empty. Maybe this congregation that was 72% female (homosexual or otherwise) is waiting to be told: “YOU ARE JUST AS GOOD”. That they are Divine Feminines and all of there hopes and dreams and plans are solid and to go for it and let’s put Dallas on the map by nurturing EVERYONE. Maybe we should go back with a “FREE SOPHIA” sign, wafting around the scent of roses and reigniting the flame.

On our drive home, My husband texted me and asked how it was. I wrote, unfortunately, “#boring”. But like the Cathedral of Hope, I see a bright future for Unity.


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