Happier Holidays

Happier Holidays

Perhaps this year, more than ever, we are all yearning for the holiday season. It is as though our weary souls need a spark of hope so badly that the childhood magic held in the memories of Wintertime, make it almost feel dire to not celebrate as much as possible.

Thanksgiving came right after the mid-term elections, of which the outcomes where “Meh” on either side. The holidays give us something else to think about and to do.

That and all of us triggered by the Supreme Court selections, left our souls needing something joyous to heal some of the reopened wounds.

No matter your culture or religious background, MANY people in the world are celebrating holydays of Light born out of the Darkness. My husband and I recently watched one of Anthony Bordain’s final shows in which he visited the Philippines where they celebrate Christmas for like 90 days.

And isn’t that the point? It’s not just about celebrating ONE day or (10 days, Happy Hannukah!) but the whole season of this mystical time where we step over the threshold into Winter.

So celebrate every day, everything you can, while we can. Make a ritual of lighting a candle and decorating your home. Enjoy making plans with family and friends and exchange gifts to show you love each other. Treat yourself to treats (especially healthy self-love) to feed your long-awaiting inner child. Smile more at strangers. Help people. Let cars cut in front of you and kindly wave.

THIS is how we restore community and unity.

And celebrate holidays you haven’t before! Christian? Well, so was Jesus, so light a candle for Hanukah. No idea what Kwanzaa is, well, research and teach your children something new. The ancients’ most celebrated holiday, Winter Solstice (Yule) on December 21st, is when the veil between Heaven and Earth is said to be thinnest. Maybe spend some time out in quiet Nature listening. December 12 is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, celebrating the miracle of Her. Some Gnostic Christians celebrate Mother God (Azna’s) Feast on December 8. And it doesn’t have to stop at NYE, the Epiphany or 3 Kings’ Day is January 6th.

Create, decorate, sing, dance, make new recipes and in doing so, find new ways to spread joy and love.


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