Introducing: SIGE and THE GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her Image

Introducing: THE GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her Image

The Goddess Sige

The Goddess Project is a photography project David Clanton ( and I have taken on to hopefully empower women by reminding them of their Divinity. The idea is that we were ALL: “Made in the Image and Likeness of God” Genesis 1:27. We are giving the Divine Feminine a human face, not just a painting or drawing or ancient sculpture. And therefore by having real women (of every age, color, social status, faith, culture, etc.) model for the project, we are reminding EVERYONE that every woman is holy and to be upheld with utmost respect.


I first heard about the Goddess Sige from my Doreen Virtue Goddess Cards. She is the Gnostic Goddess of Silence who gave birth to Sophia (Holy Wisdom). I have always felt a connection to Her because I too gave birth to a daughter, Sophia, once. My Sophia was my first child, She was stillborn when I was 39 weeks pregnant. I never heard Her voice, I gained so much Wisdom in those hours after I gave birth to Her and holding Her in the dark silence waiting for Her to breathe. She never did and everyday since my Wisdom has grown even more. In the photograph Sige is wearing (I am wearing) a little silver ring in honor of and representing the Goddess Sophia (Holy Wisdom of the Bible) and my daughter. The ring is shaped like a rose, the symbol of the Divine Feminine in the West.

Sige is the silent darkness in the universe, like the womb, where all is created. How powerful is silence.

More photos from the “Sige” photo shoot appear in the music video: “What Wondrous Thing” at: or

For other Goddess Project: Made in Her Image Goddesses go to our FREE SOPHIA blog: and also the Free Sophia Facebook page or at


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