Why Rascism is Ridiculous

Rascism or hatred for any group of people that you’ve never had any personal conflict with is ignorant. With all of the hate that’s been brought to the surface in the past year, it’s puzzling that there is any discrimination at all. If only people could remember WHO they’ve been before or would do PAST LIFE REGRESSIONS on themselves, there would ABSOLUTELY BE, NO RACISM. Why? Because more than likely, EVERYone has been EVERY other ethnicity and race (and sex!) The white supremacists of today, were VERY likely, African or African slaves in America before or in Auschwitz concentration camps before. The African Americans of today could very well have been their SLAVE OWNERS last time. Anyone spreading hate and fear right now are really just making fools of themselves. If only they could see the big picture.

We all come to Earth to experience every type of culture possible. We try it all out, that’s the way we gain Wisdom and insight. How do I know this? I know, because I’ve had the gift of experiencing 15 or more of my PAST LIVES and although I’m usually the MOST DOUBTFUL person when it comes to metaphysics – my past life regressions have been so detailed and vivid that there is NO WAY I could’ve made them up. (And there are NO history books that could tell you all that is recalled in regression.)

For example, one of my favorite lives was in EGYPT. I was the pharaoh but I called myself the “son of the PHARAOH” because I felt my father had had the military gain that got us to where we were. But it was actually the women that ran everything. My mother and cousin/wife (who is my husband in this life) were actually in charge of everything, and they did so by the MOON and SEASON CYCLES as well as by anticipating the river’s needs. We men were more like THEIR trophies. The men did all of the heavy lifting and worked hard, happily and everyone lived in harmony. I came out of the regression knowing that we all wore the KOHL (with oil) eyeliner because it protected our eyes from the glare of the SAND (much like football players put black under their eyes!) I knew how to wrap the CLOTH DIAPER immaculately and to never let it touch the floor to keep the sand away from our genitalia. Everyone shaved their heads to keep irritating sand off and ROYALTY WORE WIGS. I saw palaces being built that were so brightly decorated and ornate in a way that archaeologists will never know. I can still see the white sheets, that acted as my bedroom walls, swaying in the wind as an enemy army’s leaders and an EXECUTIONER stormed my bedroom the night I was assasinated. I’ve drawn the huge, sharp rounded double-edged ax he used to decapitate me. I also drew the very detailed leather armor he was wearing and have yet to see it replicated anywhere.

Past Life in Africa

The very first time I did a past life regression on myself, was with my best friend. I found myself a very tall and thin AFRICAN MOTHER. We made beads and beaded jewelry and wore lots of them (similar to the ladies in the picture below.) My skin was this beautiful rich deep golden brown color, my hair made perfect circles. I had three children (2 of whom I recognize from this life, one of whom was lying next to me during this meditation) and a horribly, cold, abusive, much-older husband that BOUGHT ME along with THE GOATS. The children and I lived for the end of the week when we would dance around the BONFIRE to the beats of the DRUMMERS with the rest of the village. I have a drawing of our mud and straw hut, somewhere. I could still replicate how we sewed the straw together to make the roof. The little hand broom made of the same material sweeping our dirt floor, I can hear vividly. A pride of LIONS CAME to attack our goats one night. One of them bit me, piercing my stomach (that scar is now my birthmark). I died, surrounded by friends and family as the sun rose early that morning. African patterned fabric and deep drum beats (HIP HOP too) make my heart swell in this life and I obviously have huge respect and love for Africa, Africans and African Americans today.

I was also a Gollum (like the Lord of the Rings character, that says: “My precious!!!”) looking petite homosexual caveman once, ash brown leathered skin covered my bony body and square-shaped face. I was banished from my village and lived in a cave, loan-cloth and all. I widdled wood all day. How could I not love and support and want to give refuge in any way I can, now?

I’ve been Asian several times: a bitter old CHINESE man that also wore a loan cloth, sandals and a straw cone-shaped straw hat (the jovial pic below is the closest I could find). I walked bow-legged all day, FETCHING WATER for the village with a long stick across my shoulders that carried two water buckets. How I long to see those colorful, rounded mountains like camel’s humps, again.

In Northern JAPAN, I was a large-scale FISHERMAN, I was very cold and wet most of the time (I HATE being cold and wet now!) Working on a huge white fishing ship, one day I had an incident with a great white SHARK. (Bit me in the stomach, I survived and have the scars there also where my birthmark is today.)

Pretty sure I still remember how to roll up a YURT from my life as a nomadic MONGOLIAN. Thinking back, the brilliantly bright colored fabrics we wove and beaded in our round home tent were probably color therapy for us during those long, freezing winters.

In INDIA, I learned leadership skills as a SHEPHERD around the time of Jesus. We had a house built into a hill, everything in it was made out of wood. It was a difficult working life, I was grumpy then too, ha.

We also carry into this life ALL of the WISDOM from those lessons as well as little clues of who we’ve been before, for instance: the food and preparation we prefer, decorations we like, music, art, temperature, fragrances, etc. as well as the emotional issues.

Because of a life I ended in suicide in GREENLAND, I HATE waiting for my husband in this life. He was also my husband then, looked a lot like he does now but with very long hair. We were some kind of INUIT ROYALTY. I looked a little like Disney’s Pocahontas and I wore these FABULOUS outfits made of white leather and turquoise and coral beads. Our white wooden homes had colorful symbolic symbols stenciled on them. This particular past life regression was the one that took away ALL OF MY DOUBT ABOUT if these “regressions” were only my imagination. It the first one that I had access to internet afterwards and in looking up “Greenland” and “native dress”, I saw a picture of a lady holding a really crappy and cheap costume version of my INUIT PRINCESS clothing! I’ve been a believer EVER since because there is NO way I could’ve imagined those details. (The photo of the moccasins below are similar to the ones I wore.) And I still don’t like Vikings either (“BARBARIANS!”, was what I came out of mediation calling them.) They were coming to take over our village and land while my husband and some others went to find help. The VIKINGS beat him to our shores and I climbed to the top of a cliff and jumped off- refusing to be taken as their PRISONER.

So, with all of this rich history (and there are many more lives I’ve had on every continent) how can we hate or discriminate or see ourselves as better than any one else? (Okay, I still obviously have issues with VIKINGS and SHARKS but I’m trying to forgive. I know people that are afraid of heights or snakes and we’ll explore that in a later blog!)

So, take a knee during our racist National Anthem or don’t, it doesn’t matter! WE ARE ALL EXACTLY THE SAME but richly different. We all come from the same Source but choose different looks and backgrounds for how and where and when we incarnate. This belief in ENTITLEMENT has got to go, no one is better than ANYONE!

As we enter this new time of higher vibrating levels of compassion. I think the stale ideas and ways of doing things will someday be merely a history lesson.

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