If you sit relaxed with your eyes closed, gazing at the space between your eye brows, repeating the mantra:


over and over again and for long enough, She might appear.

Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of art and wisdom (like the Goddess Sophia and She represents the free flow of knowledge and consciousness. Saraswati is part of a pantheon of Hindu Goddesses (and Gods) under the Great Mother creator. Her name MEANS flowing and she is said to be the river. You can visit THE GODDESS in Her natural form as the great Saraswati river (this is also why She is associated with fertility and prosperity) in India and millions do, yearly, to bathe in Her blessings. Many ARTIST, MUSICIANS and WRITERS petition to Saraswati for inspiration. Saraswati is called the MOTHER OF THE VEDAS. Chants to Her, the ‘Saraswati Vandana’ start and end Vedic lessons.

अम्बितमे नदीतमे देवितमे सरस्वति |

– Rigveda 2.41.16[15]

Best Mother, best of Rivers, best of Goddesses, Sarasvatī, We are, as ’twere, of no repute and dear Mother, give thou us renown.

अपो अस्मान मातरः शुन्धयन्तु घर्तेन नो घर्तप्वः पुनन्तु |

विश्वं हि रिप्रं परवहन्ति देविरुदिदाभ्यः शुचिरापूत एमि ||

– Rigveda 10.17[16]

May the waters, the mothers, cleanse us,

may they who purify with butter, purify us with butter,

for these goddesses bear away defilement,

I come up out of them pure and cleansed.

–Translated by John Muir

“Saraswati is found in almost every major ancient and medieval Indian literature between 1000 BC to 1500 AD. In Hindu tradition, she has retained her significance as a goddess from the Vedic age up to the present day. [She is] called the mother of the Vedas, and later as the celestial creative symphony who appeared when Brahma created the universe.” says Wikipedia.

The festival of VASANT PANCHAMI (the fifth day of spring) IS CELEBRATED in Her honor and many mark the day with SHRINES SET UP IN LIBRARIES and by helping young children learn how to write the alphabet.

Our glorious Goddess Project model for Saraswati, Reivin is a fantastic singer (yodeler!) and musician (how many instruments CAN she play?) She actually can play the ANCIENT INSTRUMENT the VEENA that is the instrument the Goddess Saraswati is always shown playing. Reivin, like Saraswati is passionate about the arts and in her devotion (she is a Hare Krishna Devotee). Deeply beautiful, the Louisiana Creole born Reivin, is a natural educator and beautifies all she lays her hands on. On top of all of that she is an exquisite writer, see below:

“Reivin Alexandria grew up in Houma, Louisiana and earned her Bachelors of Arts at the eccentric Oberlin College in 2011 where she majored in African Diasporic Studies with concentrations in Gender Sexuality Feminist Studies and Comparative American Studies. Her passion for writing, singing, playing musical instruments, acting and learning has driven her since she was 7 years old. Her current project is an experimental performative sound art collaboration with Kelechi DeLa Cruz called Sacred Udders.

She is a psychic medium artist who experiments with sound and builds altars from found objects. A self-proclaimed psychopomp, Reivin researches the multiple-layers of mind-control in human society. She relishes and heals through the spiritual traditions of Santeria, Louisiana Voodoo, Hermeticism, Alchemy, Qabalah, Western and Vedic Astrology, Tantra and Bhakti-Yoga. She is an overall good listener who hopes to reveal wisdom and foster unconditional eternal loving relations between the Absolute Source and all living entities. She is a self-discovered shaman astrologer, lucid dreamer and serious occultist. Never bored always reading and hearing the Vedic canon in a trance. Fervent chanter of mantras, prayers and poetry. A devotee of Hare Krishna, aspiring bhakti yogini and servant to all.

When Reivin became a devotee of Krishna, she also became acquainted with Saraswati Devi, the Goddess of wisdom and art. Saraswati is the consort of Brahama, the engineer of the universe. [She is an excellent example of a Vaisnava who partners with Vishnu to bring Love into the world.] Reivin adores Saraswati because the Goddess is the embodiment of devotional service in the form of passion. Saraswati ignites Reivin’s ritualistic artwork and bhakti-yoga practice with her transcendental spark.”

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