Secrets and Mysteries of Notre Dame

The news of the huge fire that destroyed France’s biggest tourist attraction last week, left a big hole in the hearts of many. Luckily, I was one of the MILLIONS of tourists that got to take selfies outside this enormous cathedral, a few times in my life. And like to so many, She felt like a friend.

Most people don’t know that Notre Dame was built as homage to the Divine Feminine. Notre Dame MEANS “Our Lady”, as in counterpart of “Lord”. 

The double towers are bosoms, the interior is Her womb. There were originally NO crucifixes anywhere in, around or on the cathedral. The massive ROSE WINDOWS represent the elegant rose which is THE largest symbol of the Goddess in the West. (60,000 bees, which are also a matriarchal Divine Feminine symbol, reside above the rose window and survived the fire.)

The oval cameo QUEEN OF HEAVEN mural is the only image amongst a vast beige brick background in the middle of the cathedral ceiling. (SEE PIC.) She holds a child (many assume is Christ, I disagree that might be you) and She is standing on a crescent moon (yet another Goddess symbol as he female cycles with the moon.)

Once a sacred pilgrimage stop and important stepping stone for initiates of mystery schools, the left vessel door of Notre Dame is still called the “Door of Initiates” (SEE PIC.) But it is the hidden sacred geometry amid unparalleled beauty in architecture that lured countless unknowing others to Her. 

Intricately built by stone masons as a sacred destination that activated energy centers within souls, few modern humans now know as the records in evidential books and histories have since been burnt or buried.

Joan of Arc herself detailed the (Female) voice of God she heard and famously lead from Notre Dame. It’s a huge epicenter not only of history but of truth.

If you didn’t get to see Our Lady in this lifetime but you’re reading this, you very well might’ve been there in a past life. My husband recently underwent a regression in which he found himself an ancient schoolboy, playing outside of the famous cathedral. I, myself, had a strange reaction when in the Notre Dame area. I found myself wanting to RUN every time I heard the church bells ring, as though I were late for something.

A dear, octogenarian friend recalled a past life in which she helped build the towering ROSE WINDOWS of the cathedral. (The name Rose Window became the name of her Goddess supply business and website for many years and is still a part of her email name!) She told me that she died of lead poisoning in that life. “Being in Notre Dame took my breath away. I didn’t want to leave the Rose Window. I hadn’t realized the windows were 30 feet high.”

But no matter how you feel about Notre Dame’s fire historically or spiritually, I believe it to be a monumental sign from the Divine Herself.  Is it the burning of the heart chakra of the world? As some claim the European leylines connect right at Her very location. 

Or was it a symbol to stop the yellow-vest protests in Paris and find a compassionate agreement?  It DID bring people together.

Some have mentioned that it was a huge symbol of re-birth for Holy Week. I wonder, if it was the fed-up Mama, tired of being a home to the Catholic Church’s evil, corruption and lies; because THEY are the reason the world has no respect for the feminine. Having BURNT HER, every book, every person (and their children and their neighbors) that honored or had the slightest incling of the Divine being more than just male, the Catholic Church DELETED THE GODDESS from history. And because of this, a snowball effect has created a world that is now out of BALANCE and in which patriarchy (meaning father- lead) rules.

Perhaps She ejected the false rituals that would be portrayed this week, the way the early church fathers had gutted out all of the Pagan Mother Earth (Easter is named for the Goddess Oestre) rituals of fertility that had taken place long before the birth of Jesus.

These ill-intending forefathers of the early Christian Church started patriarchy but maybe (like the Goddess Pele’s volcano in Hawaii), Our Lady’s had enough and is fighting back.

2 comments on “Secrets and Mysteries of Notre Dame

  1. Franz Kaltenrieder

    Well written and naturally truthful. It is interesting to see how the humans are so apt to follow other meanings like sheep follows the shepherd. Another interesting point is that the “re-building” of this edifice seems to rely strictly on donations and, perhaps, some government hand-outs while the establishment that really “should” care, the Vatican, is totally silent and seemingly does not want to participate. Do they know more than the plebiscite out there, perhaps?

    1. Colette Numajiri

      That’s right, Franz. And are we surprised that the rapist (Vatican) has shown up to aid Her? Blessed be!


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