At this challenging time in Earth’s history, when the world’s worst and most obnoxiously ignorant leader has plopped down onto the pentacle of patriarchy, there ARE signs of hope out there in the popular culture.

My sons’ generation knows only of a woman Jedi, female Ghostbusters and Wonder Woman is the most powerful superhero. These familiar roles turned “politically correct” may not seem like much of a change to some. But for THOSE WHO KNOW, THOSE WHO BELIEVE- these are BIG signs and steps proving that we are WELL on our way to restoring the balance and therefore peace, of the planet.

On a recent flight cross-country, we watched the newest Smurf movie, twice. To my DELIGHT, Smurfette (my childhood favorite and the ONLY female smurf!) is the hero(ine) of the story!

Having grown up watching the Saturday morning Smurf cartoon, we kind of got used to the fact that as adorable and diverse as these little blue creatures were- THERE WAS ONLY ONE FEMALE in the whole entire village!!!

But NOW (SPOILER ALERT) this newest version of the Smurf franchise finds an ENTIRE VILLAGE OF FEMALE SMURFS! Now, this might not seem like a big deal to you, but Smurfette running the show is a BIG step forward toward total redemption in my book. Smurfette (and her team) finding a WHOLE VILLAGE of athletic, sporty, fun and fully self-reliant female warrior smurfs is the climax of the film!

Whatever cultural misogyny first created the Smurf cartoon has now finally been counterbalanced.

Outwardly, little kids might not seem to know what these shifts mean but on a subconscious level they’re learning the EQUALITY AND THE VALUE AND POWER OF THE FEMALE.

The last line of the film is: “Smurfette can be ANYTHING she wants to be.”

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