Someone asked me why I march

Someone asked me why I march

I march because my best friend is African-American and brilliant and someone marched so that I, an Anglo woman could hold her hand.

I march because my best friend is a homosexual man and I want him to know he is perfect.

I march because my son’s best friend is Muslim and I want his family to feel protected practicing their faith.

I march because my husband’s parents were immigrants and saw horrific effects of war first hand.

I march because I am a woman and I am not the second sex.

I march because God looks like me and is not an old white man.

I march because I am not a Fox News devotee.

I march because I love my children and my husband and want a country that welcomes our diversity.

I march because I know there is power in numbers.

I march because women before me did to give me the liberties I take for granted.

I march because I care about people and want them to feel safe.

I march because 1 in 3 women is a victim of domestic violence.

I march because I can’t support a leader who would call me a pig.

I march because my homosexual family is afraid they may lose their right to love freely.

I march because I want Mother Earth protected.

I march because there are many brown-skinned people in this country that are afraid of their future and safety.

I march because my vote was not heard.

I march so that no other pussies will be grabbed.

I march so that women will be empowered.

I march to make a difference.

I march to stand up to the rape of our country instead of shrugging as it happens.

I march because I can and I was born into a free country and want to keep it that way.

I march for respect, of all people.

I march for the poor indigenous people whose land we stole and for their land to stay protected.

I march because I am a mother and a woman and a sister.

I march because I am a spiritual person.

I march because our government should protect not bully us.

I march because our government does not reflect the people.

I march because our government has been tampered with.

I march because I was made in the image and likeness of the Divine and therefore have all of the power in the Universe.

I march because I am not okay with this.

I march because Hispanic women make 31 cents to every Anglo man’s $1.

I march because I should be in control of my body.

I march so that my little sister’s rights aren’t violated by anyone.

I march because war is no answer, love is.

I march because I care.

I march for peace.


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