Spider is our mother.

She is the mother of all.

She has her own stone image

and her own shrine, where

the Antelope chief asks her

to keep away storm and sickness

and to send down rain.

When a Hopi girl

is tested by the kachina,

she must be unmoved when

they sing about her home.

If she does weep,

Spider Mother will swallow

her tears as they fall.

–Song of Antelope chief of Shipaulovi

Remember the last scene in Charlotte’s Web, when the hundreds of baby spiders are saying goodbye to Wilbur and flying away to start their own lives? That’s how I see us when we leave Heaven to go start our lives on Earth. SPIDERWOMAN IS OUR MOTHER and we are always connected to Her with tiny silk threads coming out of the top of our heads. We are all sisters and brothers living out our separate lives the best way we know how.

Spiderwoman is the Native American Creatress of the World. She’s the reason you have a DREAMCATCHER over your bed. And the internet is a WORLDWIDE WEB that is reconnecting us! “One day it is She who will pull all of Her creation – back to Her source. Her web represents the grids or matrix of our reality – the Spider Web Effect. It is how we learn to be psychic and to connect telepathically.” http://www.crystalinks.com/spiderwoman.html

Our precious model is a dear friend, whom to me, REALLY is Spiderwoman. At 84, she has so much Wisdom and when you are down she will take you in her arms and make you feel loved and protected. She has made a long career out of bringing people together for world peace and she’s just getting warmed up.

Her beauty shines forth: Kokyanwhuti,

she who gives light and nourishes life,

the mother of all that lives and shall live.

There she stands, dressed in soft wool,

white and blue, woven with the symbols

of womanhood, the butterfly and the blossom.

Turquoise and shell and coral: these are

her jewels. Fair and warm and tender:

these are her expressions. Gleaming white:

this is the color of her soft skin boots.

Look at how she smiles at us as she dances

on the shifting sands of time. Look

how she smiles at us before she disappears.

–Hopi creation myth

For more on the GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her Image, go to https://plus.google.com/107287050579003737566

Special thanks for photography and editing magic to David Clanton, davidclanton.com.


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