Lady Justice

The Americana Series #2

“That Justice is a blind goddess

Is a thing to which we black are wise:

Her bandage hides two festering sores

That once perhaps were eyes.”

-Langston Hughes

I had always thought Lady Justice was just an American symbol (being ‘merican, of COURSE I did!) Come to find out, She’s actually based on the Roman Goddess, Iustitia (or Justitia in Latin), similar to the Greek Goddesses Themis and Dike. There are several other Goddesses of Justice, the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at loans our Lady Her scales. Statues of Her appear in: Switzerland, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Canada, London, (throughout) Japan, Paris (on the Arc de Triomphe), Iran, Australia, Hungary and on government buildings throughout the United States. (Wikipedia.)

Like a mother standing before Her two precious but quarreling children, She listens to both sides and wisely and gently remedies the problem. Like all that mother, She restores peace and makes all in Her command feel heard and respected and safe. She has no flag or side She claims loyalty to, She is the PATRONESS OF PEACE.

Attorney and GP model, Ronda, claims the reason she originally went into law practice WAS “To protect people. To ensure rules are followed so we can all live a more harmonious life.” Isn’t that the purpose of Justice? Ronda was moved by what Wendy Davis said about the Lady of Justice at the capital among 50,000 other protestors during the Women’s March in Austin.

“Late at night you can look up at the Goddess of Liberty and see her illuminated high atop the Capitol dome. The wind and the rain and the brutal Texas heat, the Goddess of Liberty continues to stand. She stands for Wisdom for freedom and for JUSTICE. She is a symbol of everything we’ve been fighting for and what I was fighting for on that day in June of 2013 when I stood for 13 hours. Freedom! And justice for woman and the Wisdom of law makers to stop making OUR BODIES their political pawns” bellowed Wendy Davis.

Justice is a birthright and Lady Justice represents all compassionate souls who reject entitlement and make it their mission to protect and fight for equality. Isn’t that blind love what we crave in a leader and believe about the Divine?

Our brave and beautiful model is Brooke, her family is originally from Camaroon in Central Africa. Her presence is kind and healing and she works as REGISTERED NURSE at a mental health hospital when she’s not attending to the health of her parents. On portraying the Lady Justice, Brooke wrote “I identify with Lady justice in so many ways. Serving in justice is a form of showing love. It is not always easy to put a loved one in their place, or watch someone to take the fall for unfortunate choice, but if it is what is right. It should be done.” Thank you, sweet Brooky for joining and supporting the project, we look forward to seeing more of you!

Lady of Justice

Is firm in everything

No heart waivers Her mind

Straightforward in serving just action

Everyone must pay for their crime

In these perilous days

Hate lingers like a plague

We must learn to call to Her name

She knows not your name, your family

Your beliefs, whether you be man/woman, black/white You must trust in Her way

For who has sown the seed must reap its harvest

Serving against the enemy

No ties to the heart

Firm in everything

Blind to all, and favors for none

Thanks again for photography and computer graphic magic, David Clanton. (

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  1. Anonymous

    Your article and creative artwork are so powerful! We urgently need Lady Justice in our country and our world. I also love the quotes from Ronda and Brooke, the opening Langston Hughes’ poem, and your beautiful closing poem.



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