Mary Magdalene


Biblical Series #2


Called the Princess of Bethany, High Priestess and Mary Sophia (to Jesus’ Christ), Mary Magdalene has remained quite a mystery. Taught for thousands of years that she was merely a whore due to her and the Divine Feminine being deleted from the Bible (Gospel of Mary and all!) by the Council of Nicea in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, the CATHOLIC CHURCH QUIETLY APOLOGIZED and took back that rumor around 1990.

There is great evidence in those deleted canons that Mary Magdalene was not only married to but EQUAL PARTNERS WITH JESUS and after he was resurrected, they escaped to the South of France with someone named “Sarah”. (This short trip across the sea would’ve been easy having fisherman apostles!) Sarah is the word meaning “princess” and was probably referring to one of their (some say they had SEVEN!) children. There is a secretly shrouded chapel at Reine les Chateau, France that might have been their resting place. A red-headed skeleton is found in the documentary film, BLOODLINE in one of the nearby caves.

During the MEDIEVAL TIMES when the Catholic Church BRUTALLY KILLED MOST WOMEN, a society of Templar Knights sprung up (some say this is what the modern masons became yet few of them even know this) to protect the HOLY GRAIL which was the womb of Mary Magdalene that carried the HOLY BLOOD of her and Jesus and created their children. The Merovian Kings were these precious descendants and this is hidden in the fleur-des-lis.

Below is what our brilliant and beautiful Mary Magdalene Goddess Project model Melody, says about her:

“Mary Magdalene is ARGUABLY THE MOST POWERFUL female figure from the bible. I say this because her true role in the life of Jesus Christ has been guarded for over 2,000 years, CLOUDED IN MYSTERY and protected by the most powerful organizations in the world. Magdalene, a woman of unknown means, a ‘NASTY WOMAN’ by today’s standards, whose utter devotion to Jesus and Christianity is without question, was neutered to be a cliché. We all know too well that Christianity has historically pushed women into two roles: SACRED VIRGIN or PROFANE HARLOT. Since the role of sacred virgin was taken, Magdalene was labeled the later. The fact that she was, and is, a vitally important biblical figure to all women has been largely ignored for centuries. The TRUE ROLE she played in the life of Jesus, and the development of Christianity as a whole, is just now being realized. And, as any Goddess knows, it’s hard to keep a great woman down. MAGDALENE IS RISING! She embodies the divinity of us all as she was a mortal whose life BRIDGED THE GAP BETWEEN DIVINITY AND WOMANKIND. This, in turn makes her a Goddess because she is a concept, an idea and creation of perfection that is worthy of worship by all.”

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