The Goddess secret on HBO’s Young Pope

The Goddess secret on HBO’s Young Pope

Some of you may have caught the Italian shot & directed “Young Pope” about the young American cardinal that becomes the Father of the Catholic Church, effortlessly embodied by the English, Jude Law. This HBO series (on demand through today only!) is a masterpiece: exquisite cinematography, every scene painting an unforgettable picture that is brought to life with an equally brilliant and variable soundtrack, not to mention acted by a DREAM CAST. But the ONE thing that most viewers might not realize that they are realizing, is that these filmmakers are subtly relaying a BIG secret. THE biggest secret and scandal and the ONE HUGE BIT OF WISDOM that could (and very well, might) take down all pillars of society, the FEMININE DIVINE.

One of the series’ first scenes is an Italian cardinal gazing lustfully into the monitored glass case where the 28,000 year old goddess sculpture, the Venus of Willemdorf, resides inside of the Pope’s library office. The actual statuette (it’s about the size of your hand) lives in Austria but on this show She lives in the Vatican appearing or referred to in several of the episodes.

This Pope’s library office also houses the Penignio’s Renaissance painting MADONNA AND CHILD WITH SAINTS on the wall behind his desk. Nearby is a life sized alabaster statue presumably of Mary.

One scene, on a tour of the Vatican’s museum they stop in front of Michaelangelo’s PIETÁ of Mary holding Jesus after he is taken down from the cross. The young pope ends the scene by saying: “It all comes down to the Mother.”

In a later episode, when visited by the female prime minister of Greenland he tells her that “underneath all of that ice, could be God (Mother Nature)” to the confusion of everyone in the room.

EVERY single scene of the Young Pope has a Goddess, Virgin Mary, Black Madonna statue or painting, a large illuminated globe in the background or takes place in a garden. This Patriarch of the Patriarchy (1 billion people, 1/5th of the World’s population are Catholic) never once calls God “He”. He does pray and tells other to pray to MARY, OUR MOTHER OF MIRACLES, “She knows what to do.”

In the very last scene before the camera pans to a BLESSED MOTHER shaped cloud, when the young pope is finally giving his appearance at an address to the masses in Venice. He says: “God does not allow Herself to be seen..”

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