F*ck “You Guys”

FUCK “You Guys”

Easing out of shavasana this morning the male yoga instructor, gently commanded: “YOU GUYS” to the all-female class for us to roll over into fetal position. I shuddered, jolted out of a sacred place.

It started about 15 years ago, in the SOUTH, we all used to say: “Y’ALL” meaning ALL OF YOU. But as we started feeling that our southern accents sounded ignorant, we chicly adopted the “YOU GUYS” expression of the more brash Northeastern states used by taxi drivers and in gangster movies. I remember it slowly happening, we exchanged the expression without knowing the repercussions.

IT’S JUST AN EXPRESSION!! STOP BEING SO SENSITIVE, you might be thinking. But I’m NOT a GUY. The dictionary says that guy means, shocker: A MAN.

I was “unliked” recently for writing “YAS KWEENS” on a photo of my male friends. It’s okay to call women and girls MEN (via “you guys”) but NOT OKAY TO CALL A MALE A QUEEN. Hmm.

Now let’s think about this for a minute? Why is this okay? The Latin language refers to a group as masculine if there is but ONE MALE in the group. Words like, COW, MILK and WATERMELON are feminine in the Latin languages for obvious reasons. :/

And there is NO WORD FOR GODDESS is Spanish.** God is “DIO”, all-powerful masculine. Try to feminize that and you get “dia”, their word for day. Maybe they think the Goddess is all day, every day.

And Latin languages are from Rome, which is NOT historically known for equality.

Twice, this morning, I was cut-off by men. Once by a shopping cart, once by a car. And I LET them. They felt my once-I-realized energy zap them from behind though.

Why do we do this? Why is chivalry dead? One grocery clerk went out of his way to get me a bigger basket this morning, THAT WAS RESPECT. THAT was chivalry.

At a time when even our “GOVERMENT” views women as porn stars and mail-order brides and our spiritual centers shrug it off as okay, we females (Dias!) allow others to run over us. Taking our parking spots. We hear about CONGRESS voting on the rights of OUR BODIES as though we are THEIR CATTLE. They don’t ask the cattle what they want, they’re just possessions.

Well, I say we stop it everywhere we can. Be it, in Rome, where they changed the BIBLE to exclude any mention of God(dess) being FEMALE. And it trickled down from there. We were re-written as whores, mothers, cattle- NOPE. Not on my clock! FUCK, “you guys”. I am NOT a guy, I am powerful. I give life and beauty and nurture all. I do not wage war to overcompensate for the size of my penis but instead make sure all in my arms length are fed and clothed.

**I’ve been corrected by my Spanish Speaking Divas, DIOSA is Goddess in Spanish! Thank you!

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