Vote for the Vagina

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Vote for the Vagina

There’s a cafeteria we go to sometimes near our home. You walk down the long front wall to wait in line for your tray. Decorating the wall are framed pictures of every U.S. president. It goes: white guy with white hair, white guy with white hair, etc., etc. A few darker haired white Anglo men are sprinkled about and it ends with a very fair African-American male. Tonight, as I negligently find myself in a political debate- I wonder what effect this wall has on my two small sons and ALL girls and women everywhere for that matter.

I’m used to not liking Hillary Clinton, it’s probably been repetitively put into my consciousness not to. She’s: “too bossy” and “bold” and “I don’t like her teeth”, are the kinds of things women are taught to not like about her. And it’s very possible that there might be people backing her that aren’t of the best intentions. But, like ALL women everywhere- she’s survived abuse. And also like all women, SHE HAS A VAGINA.

I imagine the Suffragettes in Heaven screaming at all of us that we FINALLY HAVE A WOMAN RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT and wondering why we aren’t all carrying banners through the streets and getting arrested for our fierce support!? The highest human level one can aspire to is the presidency of the United States and we have a VERY CAPABLE WOMAN RUNNING!

This is not meant to spur a political debate- I don’t like politics, I don’t support that game but I support EVERY WOMAN because I know what it’s like to be born into the lesser or “second sex”. We make 70 cents to every man’s dollar, there are more U.S. CEO’s named JOHN that there are female CEO’s worldwide. We are born told to be everything nice and to trust and obey all men, especially white men with white hair because that’s what God looks like. I’m here to say: no She doesn’t!! She looks like Hillary or like me or like Yoko Ono or any and all of us!

Time to support each other, let’s stop putting each other down and let’s not allow anyone else to. What would it say to ALL PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD if the leader of the free world was suddenly FEMALE. Little girls in 3rd world countries would suddenly have HOPE, that they might NEVER have otherwise. If little girls in this country saw a WOMAN PRESIDENT, they would be PROUD to be what they are and they would be more powerful! Men, eventually would RESPECT WOMEN, not just pretend to. Not just ACT like they do but be actually thinking THEY are superior. Gender roles might be different, all people would maybe begin to support each other. Imagine that? We women might get a say about what happens to OUR BODIES and our souls. Maybe domestic abusive would lessen?

So, if you don’t like her or vote for her, at least support her and all women anyway you can. We have come a long way and MAY WE CONTINUE TO RISE!!


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