MOANA- Goddess Movie Review

MOANA- Goddess Movie Review

“Look, Mama” my 5-year old son called out to me last night as he handed me his freshly markered drawing.  I gasped, tears immediately swelling in my eyes as I first glanced at the jade colored swirl he had just drawn. It was as if someone had just handed me the holy grail.  I asked him, knowing full well what he’d drawn, what it was.  He said excitedly “Don’t you remember, Mama, from the movie?”. “The heart of the Goddess” I said half in a daze.  Seeing my excitement by him being inspired from a Disney film, he quickly started to draw more.

To some, that spiral, that ancient symbol (Newgrange, anyone!?) has a deep meaning of history and of hope.  This ancient Goddess symbol simply represents the womb of which all life is sprung.  I noticed the symbols early on as we watched the film, silently doubting that the filmmakers or animators knew the meaning, seeing it only as a secret sign from the Divine for those that KNEW.

Yesterday, before the Thanksgiving feasting festivities, my husband and I took our little boys to see an early morning movie this year.  Rotten Tomatoes had given “Moana” a 97% rating and even though I detested taking my wild child 2 year old son to movies- we gave it a go. And it was FANTASTIC.

The main character, Moana, is a Pacific Island teenaged girl being trained to take over as Chieftess of her village by her father the Chief.  Not once was there the “Even though you’re a girl” comment or song or was she even ever given “that look” by a jealous character.  She was strong and capable, proving her leadership skills.  There is not ONE mention of a “LOVE INTEREST” who will save the day and there are no elder women telling her she must have babies.  NONE!!  Her big denouement song lyrics say:

“If the wind in my sail

on the sea stays behind me. 

One day I’ll know,

how far I’ll go”.   

Far from the “Someday my prince will come” of the 1950’s Disney movies.

Disney seems to be getting away from the whole “DAMSEL IN DISTRESS” plot that was their way for many of their princesses’ happily ever afters.  (Although many of us REALLY KNOW THAT THOSE FAIRY TALES WITH THE SLEEPING PRINCESSES AND MOTHERLESS ORPHANS were actually secret symbolic ways of keeping the knowledge of the Goddess and the truth about Mary Magdalene and Jesus alive during the Inquisition!)  The sisters in the recent film, “Frozen” rescue each other.

So, Moana is THE CHOSEN ONE, chosen by the Ocean (Shout out to Yemaya!) that gives her this bright green jade stone complete with spiral when Moana is but a toddler.  From her grandmother, Moana eventually learns the story of how the Goddess created everything and then peaceful retreated as a green, hilly island.  At some point, a demigod (perfectly, and with great depth of character) played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stole the heart of the Goddess to win favor elsewhere.

As Moana’s villagers were finding, the land was dying, their plants and animals couldn’t survive if the Goddess wasn’t alive.  (Might explain why our skies, our plants, our water (#noDAPL!) are being poisoned and therefore WE ARE BEING POISONED, now.)

With a long series of Odyssey like events and villainous obstacles, Moana gets stronger and Wiser and she returns the heart to the Goddess.

Special little details like Moana’s deceased grandmother coming to her as a stingray (Who do your loved ones return to you as? A bird? A flower? In a song?) and the demigod, Maui, flies by as a hawk and she recognizes it is him, give this movie resonance.  My two-year old won’t watch a ten minute TV show, but he sat for almost ALL of this film.  I think, not only because of it’s beauty, but because it actually makes sense on a REALLY DEEP LEVEL.

So, is the Ocean calling you?  Are you the Chosen One, here to protect and preserve?  There are no accidents and the Divine knows what She is doing, this movie was released at this perfect time on purpose.  Go save Her!


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