ATARGATIS, Mermaid Goddess

THE GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her Image Right now, more than ever, there is a major influx of Mermaid culture, popularity, and merchandise. There are sparkly, fish-tailed ANYTHING: books, lunchboxes,… Read more »


ā€œIā€™m not afraid. I was born to do this.ā€ -Joan of Arc

Women are inherently valiant. In extreme situations we armor up and lead others through whatever we are battling at the time.


THE GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her ImageOestre There was once a celebrated Easter Goddess, Oestre! For MUCH longer than 2,000 years, painting Easter eggs, bunny decor and wearing pastel colors… Read more »


THE GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her Image BAU “O, Bau, mighty Lady who dwells in the bright heavens.” -Ancient prayer to Bau for Lunar Eclipses She is called the Great… Read more »