KUAN YIN The Goddess Project : Made in Her Image

Her mind is virtue, perfected.

Her body is Wisdom, perfected.

Her face is bathed in holy light.

She is compassion itself.

Staring at the face of this Kuan Yin model, it is easy to feel peace and compassion.  I wonder at what point we decide a child is old enough to be unkind to?  And why?  Shouldn’t we all be treating each other as innocent children of the Divine, always?

Kuan Yin is considered the most beloved of the Buddhist Bodisvatas, for over 10,000 years believers have told Her story as to how She hovers over the Earth, answering prayers.  She is said to be so full of Mercy that She refused to leave the Children of the Earth until ALL had achieved ENLIGHTENMENT. 
There are many spellings of Her name and Kuan Yin/ Guan Yin means “She who hears the cries of the world.”  Buddhist Master Sheng Yen teaches that she has a thousand hands and eyes as to always be ready to help an Earthling in need. 

Kuan Yin via Wikipedia

According to buddhaweekly.com “there are literally thousands of stories from people who say they were rescued — from impending disaster — by faith and chanting of Guan Yin Pusa’s name praise:
Namo Guan-Shi-Yin Pusa
or the compassionate mantra
Om Mani Padme Hum.”

In times of trouble, one can easily search the internet for a video of these chants, and they do bring peace! May we all strive to be more like Kuan Yin and help each other more and be more loving.

Hayden at Kuan Yin Temple

Imaged here in The Goddess Project: Made in Her Image, Kuan Yin is shown as a relaxed, kind yet fierce warrior ready to leap into action at a moment’s need.  Our Kuan Yin model, Hayden, is 8 years old and of Taiwanese and European descent.  She likes to read, do gymnastics and dance (and is quite the little drummer girl!) Hayden first learned of Kuan Yin, seeing her giant statue on the top of the mountain in Da’nang, Vietnam and at Her temples in Ho chi Minh City, Vietnam (on one of her family’s yearly vacations there) as well as the temple at Taipei, Taiwan.  Hayden lives in Dallas but gets to go to a Mandarin school in Taiwan in the Summers with her sister (whom you’ll soon meet!) She said she felt peaceful – and hot! – portraying Kuan Yin.  Royalty runs in her family, Hayden’s headpiece includes her mother’s Homecoming Queen crown. 

Special thanks to Hayden and her family for breathing new life into the image of Kuan Yin for the World!

Hayden with her sister and mother

8 comments on “KUAN YIN The Goddess Project : Made in Her Image

  1. Jann Aldredge-Clanton

    Your Kuan Yin photos and article are beautiful and inspiring! How marvelous that Hayden feels peaceful and powerful to embody Kuan Yin in your Goddess Project! Thank you for your amazing, transformative work in the world!

    1. Colette Numajiri Post author

      Thank you, Jann!! YES, we were very lucky they knew Kuan Yin and were so happily willing to embody Her. The next generations “get it”. ASHE!!

  2. Tzivia

    It is such a joy to look upon the face of the young goddess. She exudes confidence and gentleness, and a little cleverness. You, Goddess Collete, have a beautiful ‘eye’ for the Divine within. I love your work, and thank you for sharing it with the world.

    1. Colette Numajiri Post author

      How lovely, thank you so much. Your support (you being the personification of the Goddess) means everything. Thanks for reading!


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