“It is not I who utter it, it is not I who repeat it; it is

Selket who utters it, it is SHE who repeats it.”


If you’ve ever been stung by a scorpion the paralyzing pain demands immediate attention and respect. Desert people know all about the SCORPION STING and ancient Egyptians were no different, the power of the scorpion (the most DEADLY of the species reside in Northern Africa) quickly became something to be revered.

The modern world first learned of this GOLDEN GODDESS at the discovery of King Tut’s tomb. (See statue pic.) Selket is one of the FOUR Goddesses portrayed protecting it. You’ve seen Her before, you may not even have noticed but SHE NOTICED YOU.

Selket is the protective Eqyptian Goddess of BIRTH (She watches over pregnant and nursing mothers), DEATH (She lovingly escorts the dead to the afterlife) and MAGIC.

Soon after my second son was born, my two year old son and I contracted a horrible stomach virus. When I would nauseously try to nurse my tiny baby, whilst also coddling my bigger baby, I’d think “But who takes care of the Momma?” ANCIENT MOTHERS petitioning to Selket for magical healing and peace during challenging times especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Dark Egyptian TOMB CORRIDORS were perfect breeding grounds for scorpions and therefore the locals connected Selket with the afterlife.

The healers (aka magicians) of the time were Selket Devotees, calling on Her power to recover from the dangerous venoms of the snakes and insects.

QUEEN NEFERTARI was a Selket Devotee. A hieroglyph (See below) found in her tomb tells how the Goddess welcomes her into the afterlife, it reads: “I am Selket, Mistress of Heaven and Lady of all the Gods. I have come before you and I have accorded you a place in the SACRED LAND, so that you may appear gloriously in Heaven like Ra.” (See pic.)

You can call on Selket when a change is needed, or when you are ready to leave this world for peace.

“Selket, beautiful Goddess, priestess and magician,

teach me the true nature of your magic. Goddess

Selket, show me how to celebrate birth and how to

mourn dying. Show me what I have forgotten — that

transformation can be joyous. Let me give myself to

Your passion, for when I deny my feelings and do not

express them, I poison myself. Help me know the

transformation that comes from truly loving myself

and others.”

– Hallie Iglehart Austen in “The Heart of the Goddess”

Help welcome model Rosa to the Goddess Project (more of Rosa as Rosa Parks coming soon in our Americana Series!) I knew when, newest GP photographer, Havi Frost mentioned “Rosa” to me that she was born to be a Goddess. Rosa (meaning ROSE, the biggest Divine Feminine symbol in the West!) was named after her grandmother. Rosa is an acting major at UTA, a yoga teacher in training, talented gardener and aspiring apothecary. (She taught me all about the healing properties of ROSES!!) She is as sweet as the scent of those flowers and as sharp as their thorns. Rosa’s birthday is Halloween and that is also Selket’s festival day. I was an instant fan, thank you for bringing your enthusiasm and elegance to the project.

And D Magazine, as well as The Knot award winning photographer, Havi Frost ( joins the project with this phenomenal photograph! Winner of Bride’s Choice Award, Couple’s Choice Award, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Best of Wedding Award for The Knot and also in their Wedding Hall of Fame, Havi is obviously an incredibly artist but also a brilliant mother, wife and friend. Her generous heart is as big as her hugs. Thank you so much Havi for generously contributing your genius to the Goddess Project!

More on the GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her Image at or our Free Sophia Facebook page.

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