“But the Moon and the womb were always related – the Moon governed the earth’s waters, the womb’s waters created the people.”

– Zsuzsanna E. Budapest

Did you know that celebrity songstresses Selena, Celine Dion and Selena Gomez were named after the Moon Goddess, Selene? I bet THEY don’t even know but it doesn’t negate their beauty, brilliance or power thanks to their Namesake.

Selene, meaning “LIGHT”, is the Greek Titan Goddess of the Moon. She drives a silver chariot led by two white pegasus (some sources say oxen because the crescent moon looks like bull horns) wearing a crescent moon on her crown or on Her robe. THE QUEEN OF THE NIGHT was also called Phoebe or Luna (the Latin word for MOON).

Driving across the sky as She does every night Selene found a human male lover and had 50 DAUGHTERS (one of Whom is Hecate) with him.

In her book “GRANDMOTHER MOON”, Zsuzsanna E. Budapest wrote of Selene “In my chariot they will find refuge and bliss. In my silvery bosom they will find the PERFECT PARENT that may not exist for them on earth. The Moon Goddess is kind, and the fairies who assist Her lull the babies to sleep..”

We have forgotten the sacredness of our MOON. She rules over the night and all of the waters in the world (including the 80% of water our bodies are made of.) Our tides, oceanic and emotional shifts change by the time of day as well as by the fullness of Her. Ask any emergency room worker, obstetrician or school teacher – the FULL MOON makes everything more intense. The term “LUNATIC” came from Her; the brain, being the most densely liquid organ, is exceptionally susceptible to Her and She causes fluctuations in mental stability.

Ancient people believed the Moon to be the Goddess because mysteriously, the women CYCLED right along with Her and some of the women MIRACULOUSLY GAVE LIFE. We are the only species that menstrates. Women’s MOON CYCLES, or menstrual cycles, used to revolve more regularly around the moon as did pregnancies. PREGNANT WOMEN still use the moon calendar to predict their due date while the rest of the modern world functions on a solar calendar. Calendars STILL curiously tell us the moon phases, but few hardly notice.

Tricia McCannon quotes a priestess friend of hers in her book “RETURN OF THE DIVINE SOPHIA” saying “The moon goes through this cycle 13 times in every year, and this the #13 was always linked to the moon, menstrual cycles of women, and the Goddess.”

Annual Moon festivals are held in China, Japan, Athens and Rome to honor Her. Crescent rolls and crescent shaped dumplings were created for Her celebrations.

HONEY was once used as a magical drug that brought people together, especially under the moon therefore NEWLYWEDS were sent off to spend time together under the influence of both for “HONEYMOONS”.

We are taught to put our crystals and gems out under the FULL MOON FOR CLEANSING. Especially MOONSTONE and (the crystal named after Selene) SELENITE which is one of the most EMPOWERING and cleansing of all crystals. (AND my personal favorite!)

The Moon Goddess looks down on us lovingly from above, nightly. Try to reconnect to Her and see what magic She works in your life!

Our Moon Goddess model, Mary, was born on a full moon and on Selene’s festival day. “I’ve always loved staring up at the moon! Any time we were camping, I made a point of getting to where I could look up at the sky. Growing up in a small town, it’ was easier to see the night sky. I was told early on that the moon was my ruling planet. Later I found out that my sun sign is cancer and so is my moon sign. I’m all about the moon, baby! Like my Mom, I’ve always been a night owl. When I found out that Selene was my goddess, I really wasn’t surprised. Of course my goddess would be moon related! The moon has always reminded of a pearl. I think my birthstone should have been pearl rather than ruby. LOL! I wear pearl earrings more often than anything else. I inherited a couple of diamonds that my sister had made into earrings for me and still, I like wearing my pearls better! I guess I just have moon dust in my blood! In the summer, one of my favorite things to do is get in my pool at night and float on my back looking up at the moon and the stars! Some of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken are of the moon peaking from behind clouds.”

Mary doesn’t have 50 daughters (only furry children!) but has helped 100s of women (and men) reveal their inner beauty through her image consultations and makeup artistry. Mary also makes jewelry, paints and used to teach high school theater!

Thank you for shining your beauty down on our project, Mary!! Also, thanks again to David Clanton of for the photography and digital enhancement. For more on the Goddess Project, NOW A BOOK, check out!!

“It is the very error of the moon.

She comes more near the earth

than she was wont. And makes

men mad.”

—William Shakespeare, Othello

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