“I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart).” -E.E. Cummings

There is not a lot written in books (directly) about Erzulie Freda, because the main part of Her legacy is from storytelling as, like Her counterparts Yemaya or Oshun (see: or, She followed HER REGAL AFRICAN CHILDREN on the transatlantic enslaving trade ships to the Americas. All they had was the spoken word and the Hope She offered.


In from her book “The New Book of Goddesses & Heroines”, Patricia Monaghan writes “The loa (Spirit) of sensuality in Haitian Voudoun, Ezili [Erzulie] is generous to the point of extravagance with Her worshippers, and expects the same in return”.

She IS the GODDESS OF LOVE, beauty, jewelry, dancing, luxury, and flowers merging the Haitian Vodou/Louisiana Voodoo/Folk Catholic African with French cultures. Erzulie Freda is a form of the BLACK MADONNA.

She has three husbands, on of Her symbols is the sacred heart, and Her favorite offerings include (lots of!) jewelery, perfume, sweet cakes and pink liqueurs – as lovers often do!

“Coquettish and very fond of beauty and finery, Erzulie Freda is femininity and compassion embodied.” -Wikipedia.

In it is written that: “Maitresse Mambo Ezili Freda is envisioned as a stunning, colonial era mixed race woman. Ezili Freda is a wealthy courtesan with a taste for only the finest in life. She is the Queen of LOVE, BEAUTY, ROMANCE, and RICHES: life as it should be.  She stimulates and epitomizes LOVE THAT TRANSCENDS DEATH. Ezili Freda is described as a wanton virgin. She does what she chooses; she sleeps with whomever she desires and yet retains her virginity. Ezili Freda lives life as in a dream: she only wishes to see the good and beautiful. The world she envisions has nothing but kindness and graciousness. There is no racism, sexism, poverty, or perversity. Harsh reality inevitably intrudes, and Ezili Freda begins to weep. Her weeping floods the entire world.”

Erzulie Freda’s all encompassing acceptance makes her an easy Patron Saint (Goddess) for the LGBTQ community.

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Original devotees disguised Erzulie Freda, in Virgin Mary looking robes, under the noses of tolerating European missionaries. Wikipedia claims that She “is often identified with the Mater Dolorosa, the Latin form of OUR LADY OF SORROW, the Marian attribute that takes on all of the woes of Her children, feeling and taking their pain [see dagger in heart] in their place.”

This Goddess is often depicted surrounded by sacred hearts.  When researching the “SACRED HEART” one finds many quotes of Jesus’ love for the world. Maybe the loving energy WE ALL carry within us is from the Divine and we are all connected in this Love. Her VEVE, a kind of calling card to Her, is an intricate heart design.

This great LOVE Erzulie Freda shares is for EVERYONE.

When Goddess model Tiinia first came to me with the idea of portraying Erzulie Freda for our Goddess Project, she and I immediately began collecting empty Valentines chocolate boxes and painting them (which was on FEB.13th), turning them into golden SACRED HEARTS.  Valentine’s decorations will always remind me of both of them.
It would be another SEVEN MONTHS until Erzulie Freda would have us set up an altar to her and take the actual Goddess’ pictures, on Her feast day, September 15th. And THEN yet another 5 months of writer’s block and interruptions veiled me until I finally felt “allowed” to begin the process of researching and writing about Her for the blog AND THEN, WITHOUT REALIZING IT- we released the blog article FEB.13TH. Exactly one year, to the day, from when we began- and I had no idea!!!!! (Did She just reclaim Valentine’s Day for the Sacred Feminine!?)

For this Goddess release, more than any of the other Goddesses we’ve portrayed, I felt wanted me to EARN the right to share Her with the world.  And I’m beginining to see why, She’s glorious.

Erzulie Freda is very particular and luxurious and can bring great blessings to those SHE SEES FIT.  She will not answer any prayer at a whim, you must work for it and She can deliver great joy and love to your life.

Special thanks again to Tiinia for bringing this powerful and important Goddess to the world.  Tiinia is a Creatrix herself, she also embodied our Venus of Willendorf in the project. Learn more about both at:

New photographer to the project is Newt Burris (MeCantName on Instagram). His mission statement for his art is to “Turn people on and make them feel weird about it.”  Thank you, Newt, for this incredible photo.

Who in your life embodies femininity and compassion? 

For more on THE GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her Image, see or the Free Sophia Facebook page.

4 comments on “ERZULIE FREDA – THE GODDESS PROJECT:Made in Her Image

  1. Andrew G. Wolfe

    As a seminarian. M.Div. 78, Howard University, I have much to learn, little to teach. I have travelled long distance , yet been nowhere… heard of erasle freda, and respect her! Read all of Sylvia Browne, but last three books, no Did my ancestral DNA, “No Your African Roots”, thru Dr. Gates…

  2. Jouala

    The image is absolutely beautiful. Too bad though she’s not portrayed by a Black model. The only reason a goddess of African origin appears as a white virgin is because of colonialism and enslavement, and you are definitely in the anti-colonial camp otherwise.

    1. Colette Numajiri Post author

      You’re right. That’s great idea, would love to have a Black woman portray her!


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