For every day of 2020, day and night, whenever I’m clothed I am always wearing solid white everything. I don’t know why but I do know that I can’t stop. It’s become SUCH a comfort to me as though I’ve finally found my way Home.

It started in 2019 a few days before NYE when my bestie and I were discussing what we would wear that night (I was going to wear a sparkly red and gold jumpsuit as I always wore a LOT of color which is funny because I guess now I’m wearing the whole rainbow) when he said something like “OH, YEAH, we’re supposed to wear WHITE on NYE!!”

Suddenly, I a lightbulb turned on in my mind as I was catapulted 4,000 miles away to Brazil, where he is from, and where they all wear white for New Year’s and send out little paper boats and candles in rituals onto the water from the shores to honor the Ocean Goddess, Yemoja/Yemaya. My friend hadn’t heard of this but HIS older female friend absolutely knew what I was talking about when we discussed Yemoja at our New Year’s Eve celebration (at which we three all wore white.)

So, I was ON a mission to find something perfect, warm and white to wear to ring in the 2020 new year. I don’t know what I slept in that NYE night but the next day, I could no longer wear color!  I pulled out white jeans and plain white shirts from the back of the closet.  The following day felt the same, I didn’t know what I was doing but it felt so right that I just kept going.

But I didn’t know why!!! I started researching groups that wore white and why: 

Angels are always portrayed wearing white.
Protagonists are often portrayed wearing white – like Princess Leia and other Jedis. 
Marilyn Monroe’s most famous wind machine costume is white.
Brides today still wear white dresses (based on the swan-shaped mystical island of Avalon and for the Bride/Brighid.)
Druids wore all white in Gaul (France) for rituals dealing with mistletoe (from “Brighid: Goddess, Druidess and Saint” by Brian Wright.)
St. Brighid is said to have worn all white.
Joan of Arc famously set off to battle in white armor on a white horse.  (She inspired the free-thinking French flappers’ haircuts and the suffragettes to wear white.)

The suffragettes also used white to reassure onlookers that their protests were non-aggressive. 

Speaker of the House and congresswomen wore white to the State of the Union address last year.
Following suit- the Resistance Revival Choir wears all white to their many activist performances.
(Because of them, I had our Goddess Choir wear white to my book release!)
Fencers wear white as do tennis players.
Stark bulky white tennis shoes have become the IT-GIRL fashion warriors’ item worn to: work, prom AND the gym.
Christening dresses are always white.
We had to wear all white for my sorority’s rituals.

At John of God in Brazil both the healer and all pilgrims wear white every day.
Shinto priestesses dress for ceremonies in a white garment called a jóe.
Sikhs often wear white to connect with the purity of Spirit.
Kundalini yoginis wear white to expand their aura, 3rd eye and protect them from negativity.

I was reminded of my original prophetic dream that started the GODDESS GROUP and how a large group of women (of all different sizes, ages, ethnicities) came to me and told me that I would start a women’s group in Dallas.  THEY WERE ALL WEARING WHITE.  The color of their clothing was something that really stood out to me, although I NEVER thought I would also wear solid white, not even once. (Especially with 2 young boys at home!!)

I saw another bestie a week or two into the New Year. Bundled up in my new Winter white coat, white jeans and white boots, she immediately declared “OH, you’re doing your year of white.” I gasped. She spends a lot of time in Costa Rica in Central America wear it is customary to see women around town dressed in all white as part of their initiation into the priestesshood of Yemaya.  I remembered her telling me about theses women after her last visit there and thinking it was super cool but NOT something I could ever do. (She portrayed Yemaya in our Goddess Project too!)

Then my assistant (whom had just represented Erzulie Freda for the Goddess Project) sent me a video of Erzulie priestesses ALL WEARING WHITE. My heart expanded to the size of a basketball for a breath.

And I kept going with the wearing of all white, being an activist for equality I found peace in my clothing choice after being reminded that white is all 7 of the colors of the spectrum together.  Reminding me of the White Buffalo Calf Woman who told of all of the colors of tribes of people eventually coming back together peacefully. I felt that, as though I’m constantly reconnecting and sending out healing color therapy everywhere I go.

We went to see world famous healer and physic James Van Praagh for a weekend workshop in late January, I asked HIM why I wore white. He said the same thing and that it was a good look.

I kept (keep) being surprised at how positively friends, family and strangers react to my wearing white.  When I’d first thought of what I would say if someone reacted negatively, I kind of SHRANK but it never happened!! Friends would buy me white gifts, give me their white hand-me-downs and send me selfies on days when they too wore white. It was a new kind of love and acceptance and level of enlightenment. Strangers would tell me how they loved the all white – I was called a Galactic Princess, a Space Warrior and a Ski Bunny.  One guy asked me if I was a doctor because I was wearing all white- I thought “kind of” because I am a healer.  (My elderly mother-in-law, not surprisingly, was the ONLY person to react negatively saying “Always all white!” But I learned that in Japan, where she is from, white means DEATH.”)
I quickly found confidence putting on my white day armor and peacefull night dreams in my white gown.

My closet soon began to shift as half of my wardrobe was once so colorful and the other half was my ALL BLACK WORK CLOTHES. As the days got closer to my next work assignment (in which I’ve for 20 years always, ALWAYS worn solid black to work.) I didn’t know how I’d be able to drape the black clothing over the white enough so that no one would notice. So, I didn’t! I just wore the white. I worked with a lot of RED FACE PAINT as well as black, grey and gold but I did it.  And no one said anything.

Even the thought of the black clothes felt suffocating to me and as I’d learned, wearing white expands your aura out in every direction.  Black clothing shrinks your aura and makes you feel snug, safe and hidden but can make one feel disconnected and depressed.  I had felt powerful wearing all black at work or out on the town for most of my life.

So, why white, why now?  Writing this, I feel like God/Goddess/My Higher Self knew I needed to make this disciplined commitment right now for 2020.  Is it for the changing of 3D to 5D?  Am I in an initiation?  Is it only for a year? Do I wear white so that everyone that sees me gets a few seconds of color therapy healing or that they know I’m a safe soul to be around? I’ve not figured it out, I don’t know if I ever will! (But I’m open to your thoughts!) And I don’t know if I will ever stop wearing all white. My husband had a day dream that our sons and I were in the backyard of our new house (I EVEN moved houses wearing all white!!) many years in the future and I was still wearing white.  Feels good, I might wear white forever.

Joan of Arc
Erzulie Freda

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