In researching Moneta’s, my son at one point, suddenly came up to me from the playground and he had a coin in his hand.  It was a small coincidence but I was JUST learning of Her leaving coins for followers, when this happened.  In doing this project, I find that something EXTRAORDINARY, a tiny moment of magic has happened within every one of the Goddesses.
Moneta is the ROMAN GODDESS of memory and of MONEY.  She has appeared on coins and paper money (See Wiki Pic) for millennia.  Moneta is where the names for money, monetary and MINT were derived. 

Google her and you’ll see She shares Her name with many, many FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS.  Try calling on Moneta if you need finances to flow more freely to you.

The Greek equivalent for Moneta is Mnemosyne.  “In Ancient Greek Myth, [MONETA] the MOTHER OF THE MUSES is said to know EVERYTHING, past, present and future.  She is the Memory that is the basis of all life and creativity” – according to Encyclopedia Brittanica. 

In keeping with that idea, John Keats’ wrote that Moneta was the ORACLE, standing at holy sites giving prophetic readings.  Like a library of all events that will or have ever happened, maybe this is what is tapped into during Divinations.

Moneta is the One to call upon whenever you’re needing that “lightbulb” idea to enlighten you or when you are trying to remember events or seek to know future ones.  There is little written about Her, YET, (see THE GODDESS PROJECT: Made in Her Image JOURNAL JOURNEY!) She is an all-powerful and important Deity.

Our beauteous and bodacious Moneta model is new-comer (and old friend) Lashawnda! Thank you for contributing to the project, Shawnda! I asked her how she is an Earth Goddess:

“I love all forms of art. Anything that people can use to express themselves.  I’m a huge fan of fashion. From the sketch to the final product all are a vision and a process it conveys so many emotions.”

“I contribute to the media aspect of art.  I am a visual creator [CREATRIX].  I am a huge fan of posting videos and eventually moving on to tv or film.  I also create a podcast that talks about pop culture and current events. (Doing the Absolute Most Podcast can be found on ITunes!)  It sounds easy but it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. What i create is my babies. I want them to succeed and make sure that the world enjoys.”

We’ll be seeing more of Lashawnda, I ask her how it felt and she said: ” Amazing! I would do a whole year of different goddesses!” (She’s in the calendar if you want to be with the Goddesses year ’round.

She also said she thinks the Goddess Project is important because: “It’s celebrating women. All women. It’s helping celebrate us! Women, birth, life, why not celebrate it?”

How she felt about playing Moneta: “I have been feeling quite not as feminine lately due to some medical issues and the goddess project reminded me of who i am . I was a goddess the second i came out the womb. I’ve always been destined for greatness.”

What Lashawnda says the powerful women in her family:  “They taught me to never give up. Never stop learning and do what’s right. Speak up and speak out.”

May we all encourage each other to do the same, thanks, Lashawnda!

For more on the Goddess Project, see FREESOPHIA.COM or the Free Sophia Facebook page.

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    1. Free Sophia

      We’re glad you think so, Kay! One of the best parts of the “Moneta” shoot, so many women stopped us to tell us that LaShawnda was an inspiration to them, it was really powerful!


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